Citizenship by Investment Dubai

  • Why people are exploring citizenship by investment options?
  • What are the top options for UAE residents?
  • How quickly can a second passport be obtained?
  • How does the investment side work?
The Internationally Minded UAE

People from all over the world call the UAE home. In a study conducted by the UAE government, it was found that there are more than 200 nationalities living and working in the UAE. The UAE is a rare example of a country where the expatriate community vastly outnumbers the population of UAE nationals, by almost 10:1.

The UAE’s two global cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have attracted an internationally-minded community. Within that community, there has been a significant increase in those exploring citizenship by investment opportunities.

The Burj Al Arab
Why people are exploring citizenship by investment options

The reasons why people opt for citizenship by investment solutions differ massively case by case. The most common reasons people choose to change their citizenship include:

  • Tax mitigation
  • Visa-free travel
  • Ability to conduct business
  • Ability to flee conflict zones
  • Inheritance tax planning 
  • Freely open

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Visa-free travel is one of the main reasons people invest in new citizenship.
What is the best citizenship by investment option for UAE residents?

There are several options available for UAE residents. The different programs are suitable for different requirements, budgets and objectives, learn more here.

Popular options include EU & Caribbean citizenship programs. Advice is required to determine the most appropriate option, book an appointment now.

Portugal has very popular citizenship by investment program.
How quickly can a second passport be obtained?

The fastest citizenship by investment programs takes around 6 months between initial consultation & passport issuing.

How does the investment side work?

Depending on the program, there are different types of investments. Certain programs require a donation to the government in order to obtain citizenship, whilst others allow investors to purchase property or invest into local business.

Most investments in property can eventually be sold after the minimum holding period, meaning investors can invest, generate a return and realise a gain on top of obtaining a new passport.

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