dVAM – deVere’s Game Changing Fund Offering

deVere Group is committed to providing our clients with exceptional investment performance, this has continuously changed the game.

We know our clients want high investment returns and low management fees. Our desire to help them achieve that has opened several exciting new avenues in the field of wealth management.

One such avenue is dVAM, deVere’s client exclusive fund range. The framework is simple, but the results have been ground-breaking.

dVAM allows deVere clients to access award-winning investment funds at a lower cost than is available anywhere else in the market. This industry-leading value-proposition has been made possible by deVere Group’s position as the industry’s undisputed leader with impressive assets under management totalling 12 billion USD.

When dVAM launched in 2019, we not only met the commitment of providing high investment returns and low management fees, but we also ensured our clients stood at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

dVAM has already proven to be a massive success with deVere clients who have invested 1 billion USD into the various funds. The faith put into dVAM by deVere clients has been repaid with impressive performance across all risk categories, as is highlighted below.

Our process

dVAM operates by hiring fund managers from a collection of the world’s top-performing financial institutions. Using our vast experience and the latest technology we seek the best asset managers to manage the dVAM funds. Extensive research is undertaken by our team of experts to appoint only the most renowned and trusted fund managers in the market.

Once a fund manager is selected, they are continuously scrutinised by the dVAM team to ensure they remain the most competitive option for our clients.

The size of deVere Group allows us to negotiate the costing of this service on our clients’ behalf. The dVAM model has allowed us to deliver significant cost savings for our clients without needing to compromise on quality. This process, therefore, allows deVere clients to benefit collectively.

Case Study: The Guinness Global Equity Fund

This fund is available to the general public at 1.2% per annum but can be accessed on dVAM at 1.06% per annum. This equates to a saving of 12% per annum for deVere clients.

Outperforming the underlying fund and similar funds 

The fee reduction offered to deVere clients is most visible when analysing performance. The fee reduction ensures that the dVAM fund is guaranteed to outperform its underlying fund as shown below.

12-month performance comparison

Guinness Global Equity Income + 23.1%

dVAM Global Equity Income + 23.7%

dVAM Global Equity Income has outperformed several of its peers including Vanguard Global Equity Income, HSBC Global Equity Income, Threadneedle Global Equity Income and Baillie Gifford Global Income Growth.

12-month performance figures

dVAM allows clients with various risk appetites to enjoy strong investment returns as is outlined below.

12-month performance figures

dVAM Cautious 14.3%

dVAM Balanced 17.5%

dVAM Growth 20.5%

dVAM Global Equity Income 23.7%

If you’d like to learn more about how the dVAM range can benefit your portfolio, contact us now to book a full review using the link below.

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