Professional Education Planning

Ensure your child has the best start in life. 

TAL Simmons

Sales Manager


As an expat, I was understandably confused about how my choice to live overseas would impact my kids future. I hadn't taken into account how our residency status would impact university fees in the future. Thankfully, with the help of deVere, I've set up an education planning savings plan, so I know that my children's future is secure no matter where we end up living.

Few things are as important as your child's future, so it always pays to seek professional advice.

There is no substitute for a good education – aside from a good family environment, a child's education is possibly the main ingredient for a successful and happy life. As such, no matter who you are and no matter where you live in the world, your children's schooling should be considered a top priority when undertaking financial planning.

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Why They Recommend Our Unique Education Planning Services

At deVere, our education planning specialists can assist you with all parts of the process. From calculating exactly how much you will need to save, to outlining potential schooling options for your children.

martha Hussein

Private Consultant 


The last thing you want to do as a parent is fall short financially, when it comes to your children's education. When we looked at the numbers, we were on course for big financial problems without proper planning. We've sorted that now, which is a major thing off the to-do-list.

Richard Gilbert

Oil & Gas Professional

Abu Dhabi

I've worked in Iraq in the oil and gas industry for several years, whilst the money is good, the prospects of education are not. I wanted to ensure I could afford to send my kids to school in the UK, after an in-depth consultation, we worked out exactly what would be required for that to become a reality.

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