Foreign Exchange


deVere Foreign Exchange Service

At Acuma, we offer our clients an innovative foreign exchange service that allows them to trade across all major world currencies. It also enables them to make international payments in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.This service is perfect for those on the move, people who need to be able to make transfers fast from one currency to another as they jet from one corner of the globe to the next.

Should you, for whatever reason, need to make an international transfer, our team of professional and experienced FX Specialists are on hand to ensure that you not only have access to the full range of bespoke FX solutions we offer but that you also have top-level commercial exchange rates at your disposal. Trade 190 unique currency pairings online with our new deliverable 24/5 currency platform.

Key Benefits

  • Exchange rates up to 5% better than those offered by major banks
  • Free international payments
  • Forward contracts that enable you to fix your exchange rate for future 
  • transactions (ideal if you are buying or selling a currency property)
  • A dedicated account manager who can explain your options and help you obtain the best available exchange rates
  • Free currency-specific market updates sent to you via email
  • All funds are held within a designated ‘client account’ in the UK
  • Acuma Foreign Exchange is a non-speculative organization (We do not put your money at risk)