How Savers Can Grow Their Wealth in an Age of Abysmal Interest Rates

You work exceptionally hard for your salary each month. You exude massive amounts of energy each day, to earn your income. But as soon as your salary hits your bank account you take on a new challenge. How you respond to this challenge defines your future quality of life.

For every second your salary remains in your bank account, its value reduces in real terms. The amount it decreases by seems small, but at an average reduction of 3% per year, failure to act can significantly prolong the time it takes to achieve financial independence.

The challenge you now face is how you counter the effects of inflation.

So what are your options if you’re looking for a fixed return?

Your current account 

Interest rates are rock bottom. Most high street banks now offer depositors something between 0.1% & 1% per annum. For savers looking for meaningful growth, this is not a good option.

It should be noted, that keeping a portion of your wealth in cash is vitally important for short term expenditure and emergencies. However, as soon as you’re keeping a larger amount than necessary in your bank account, you risk losing out on growth opportunities.

Purchasing bonds 

If your parents were investors it’s likely that bonds made up a proportion of their portfolio, and with good reason! Bonds historically offered attractive yields. In countries like the UK and US, it was normal to receive a return of over 10% per year in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, government bonds are no longer returning the attractive yields of the past and therefore, for investors, they are no longer a viable option for those looking to achieve a return. With interest rates in certain countries including Germany and Japan turning negative, bonds are now being issued promising to return investors with less than they purchased the bond for.

For deVere this has always been an important issue to address, said CEO and Founder, Nigel Green, as a company it’s always been vital that we can offer our clients the opportunity to purchase savings notes which offer attractive yields, similar to how bonds historically performed.

deVere Savings Certificates

deVere clients are able to benefit from products with predefined returns. These products, which have become our most popular investment solution in 2020.

deVere offer exclusive notes in partnership with top-tier investments banks, all of the investment banks we use to pass stringent stress tests earning them impressive ratings from S&P, Moody’s & Fitch.

There are several different types of notes, which are suited for different time horizons and growth objectives, notes pay clients in either an ongoing income or one of maturity lump-sum.

All notes have a minimum of 30% downside protection. Below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to acquire deVere savings certificates.


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