How to Become a Financial Adviser in Dubai

How to become a financial adviser in Dubai

Working in the financial services industry is one of the most sought after career paths globally. Similarly, living in the expat hub of Dubai is equally desired by many.

Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities on earth, with a population nearing 3.5 million people. With no direct taxation, an abundance of wealth & a multitude of different nationalities calling Dubai home, there is a significant requirement for financial advice.

Many people move to Dubai with the hope of improving their financial situation in terms of income. What people often do not account for is the secondary financial benefits surrounding taxation on investments. These can include but are not limited to, tax-free pension drawdown, tax-free asset growth & favourable succession planning opportunities.

The job of a financial adviser is to put light onto areas of financial planning, that many people do not know exist, to introduce people to opportunities they otherwise would not have considered and most importantly to safeguard people’s financial future.

How to become a financial adviser

At deVere, there are generally two avenues in which people can become a financial adviser. The professional entry route and the associate route. Both pathways are well-established career paths to success, however, they do differ somewhat as is explained below.

The professional

Those with experience working in financial services along with other qualifying advice based professions usually are more suited to train directly to become financial advisers. Over the years many UK based financial advisers, have made the switch into the international market and thrived doing so.

The associate

deVere’s associate program is suited to fresh graduates or those who are making a career shift from a significantly different profession. Most of the companies top performing financial advisers started as associates whereby they worked under the tutelage of a financial adviser. This pathway involves an intensive training program to build industry knowledge, gain relevant qualifications & learn from the top professionals within the industry.

Qualities of an IFA

When analysing deVere’s top performers, one thing is clear, they are all extremely different people, with different styles.

There are of course qualities that connect the top performers including grit, determination and persistence. Those who enter this profession expecting instant results are often those who last the shortest amount of time. Those who consistently stick to basic principles and work hard will reap the highest rewards long term. It’s simple.

Qualifications required

Depending on what areas you wish to specialise in and which jurisdictions you wish to offer advice in, different qualifications are required.

All associates who start at deVere read for and sit the CISI qualifications. This examination series starts with the International Introduction to Securities & Investment which is governed by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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