Key points on Portugal’s Golden Visa Scheme

Portugal’s Golden Visa Scheme

Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme is a unique and extremely popular residency and citizenship program.

Alternative residency and citizenship options are becoming increasingly prevalent. This trend has been brought about by two main reasons. Firstly, many high-net-worth individuals with poorly ranked passports are looking to invest capital in exchange for greater freedoms via citizenship. The second component which is fueling this trend is that countries are becoming increasingly keen to offer investors citizenship in exchange for FDI.

Portugal has utilised its Schengen membership and political stability to build an attractive residency and citizenship program.

How does the Golden Visa Scheme work?

In order to gain Portuguese residency and eventually full citizenship, there are a number of clearly defined requirements. There are a few investment options available, this blog will outline how to gain citizenship by investing in real estate.

  • Investors are required to invest in a Portuguese property for a minimum of five years.
  • Investors are required to invest 500,000 Euros into any Portuguese property or 350,000 Euros into certain redevelopment projects.
  • Investors are required to spend 7 days in Portugal in year 1 and 14 days in Portugal between years 2-6.

Which nationalities are opting for the Golden Visa Scheme?

As of 2019, 7200 investors had enrolled in the Golden Visa Scheme. Within this 7200 people, the majority are from China, Brazil, Lebanon, South Africa & Russia. There has also been a large amount of interest from people from certain Middle Eastern countries including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why do people opt for alternative citizenship?

  • Obtain irrevocable citizenship and passport
  • Protected by government citizenship law
  • Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Save time with a fast and lifetime solution
  • Immediate access to 170+ countries without a visa
  • Take full control of your and your family’s wealth
  • Improve your family’s life and security
  • Register assets with no restrictions
  • Freely open companies and bank accounts

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