Review your UK pension

Many people have at some point worked in the United Kingdom and are therefore members of a UK Pension Scheme. This could be either defined benefit and defined contribution. For many people, their pension represents one of their largest assets, however, many people are simply unaware of what their pension is invested in, the financial stability of the employer, the associated death benefits. At deVere we provide our clients with complimentary pension health checks to ensure their lifestyle in retirement isn’t left up to chance.

Defined Benefit Pension

  • Understand the different options available to you as a defined benefit member
  • Get advice on whether transferring your defined benefit pension is in your interest
  • Learn about the different tax options available to you depending on your residency
  • Find out what your dependents are entitled to in the event of your death
  • Examine how the currency of your defined benefit pension may impact your overseas retirement
  • Request information on the health of your current pension scheme

Defined Contribution Pension

  • Get advice on transferring your defined benefit pension into a defined contribution scheme
  • Understand the different options available to you as a defined contribution member
  • Learn about the different tax options available to you as an expatriate
  • Explore what your defined contribution pension is currently invested in
  • Find out what fees you are currently paying for your defined contribution scheme

UK pension transfers

  • Request a full UK defined benefit transfer value (cash equivalent transfer value) report
  • Get advice on whether or not a UK pension transfer is in your best interest
  • Learn about the pros and cons of a UK pension transfer
  • Explore currency, death benefit & taxation implications of transferring your UK pension

Secure your UK state pension

As part of our pension review for UK nationals, we will examine your National Insurance status.
Your UK National Insurance contributions are what will eventually pay for your UK state pension. You need to make at least 35 years of contributions in order to receive your full state pension. Many expats choose to make voluntary overseas contributions to ensure they will eventually receive their full state pension. This can be done for as little as £3.05 per week/£158.60 per year.