Mala Patel 

I'm a dedicated wealth manager striving to support individual clients to reach their financial aspirations through a variety of different investment options.

deVere Group will look for the financial services best suited to your needs and advise you on how to make the most of your medium- to long-term investments, savings and pensions. We know every client has different needs, aspirations and goals, so we only recommend the options that we know have the potential to create the best returns for our clients.

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Some of my client's reviews:

Debrina Madison
Registered Nurse
August 3, 2021, Debrina was a client of Mala’s

I would 100 times over recommend Mala. Her professionalism throughout the process of understanding my needs and developing realistic goals is outstanding. Prior to joining with her my previous financial advising company dropped the ball and was not monitoring my account whatsoever. Now that I have connected with Mala I have full confidence that my financial portfolio is being managed well.

Yaneth Penaranda
Senior Administrator at Orange County Public Schools
July 18, 2020, Yaneth was a client of Mala’s

Due to the many changes recently with world economics, I was a bit apprehensive about contacting my financial company. I was contacted by Ms. Mala Patel - I was very happy and surprise to get a very knowledgable and approachable individual. After a few minutes of talk I was confident that I had a very good agent. She immediately took care of my apprehensive and communicated with me immediately. Such was the case that I even recommended two of my colleagues. I want to thank Ms. Patel and hope to continue to work with her in the future.

Paul Floyd
Vice President - Energy and Power at Marsh JLT Specialty
July 13, 2020, Paul was a client of Mala’s

In an expat world where wealth advisors can be like used car sales people it is wonderful to work with someone who leaves you with the belief they have your best interests at heart. Mala leaves you with that feeling, encouraging you to take your future financial security seriously, pushing you without being "pushy", looking at risks and opportunities and offering sound advice to help you achieve your aims. It is a pleasure to work with Mala, great solutions and great advice without things being rammed down your throat or being left feeling that the discussion was for her benefit not yours. Its a pleasure and greatly appreciated.

Hilary Masey
July 12, 2020, Hilary was a client of Mala’s

Mala hit the ground running when she moved to the UAE. She was quick to get in touch and has been communicative throughout. She’s knowledgeable, personable and very helpful.