Daniel Barron

I have been working within the financial services industry in the UAE since 2006, and have gained a reputation in the region for my holistic approach to common sense financial advice.

I am very thorough and meticulous methods of client management and my breadth of knowledge in the offshore market has developed my client base at an incredible rate. My superior work ethics along with my professionalism and my knowledge are all traits that my clients always praise.

I pride myself on my extremely high level of customer service. Together with my reliable, well informed advice and guidance, I strive to make sure my clients achieve their personal financial goals.

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Some of my client's reviews:

Richard Barclay
Executive Officer, Restaurants and F&B.
January 19, 2021, Richard was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel has provided me with excellent financial advice and retirement planning over the years I have been his client. His interpersonal skills are second to none and he provides fact based advice drawn from both his expertise and the expertise of the wider deVere community. I would not hesitate in recommending Dan to potential future clients.

Graeme Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales Management at Barclays Private Bank
November 9, 2020, Graeme was a client of Daniel’s

Reliable and knowledgeable in his field, Dan brings a lot to the table. I enjoy working with him and value him as a partner.

Douglas Stoneham
Versatile International Banking Executive with over 30 years experience across Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East
September 23, 2020, Douglas was a client of Daniel’s

Deciding to take greater control of your pension is the first big step but this of course is not possible without sound and balanced advice through the process, as well as in post asset management. I have worked with Dan for a few years now and found him to be highly professional and available whenever I want to reflect on current market conditions and how that might affect future investment strategies. He understands my personal goals very well and how that feeds in to the investment decisions that I make. He provides me with a good sense of the options available to me and the relevant risks that they represent. I consider him very knowledgeable and experienced, a safe pair of hands, and would recommend him to future potential investors

William BvG, UXMC
Lead DeFi Designer, Blockchain & Data, Associate Director at Deloitte Australia
September 6, 2020, William was a client of Daniel’s

Whilst working in Dubai as a high earning professional I made the easy decision to put my salary away in some attractive returns offered by Daniel and I can recommend that his expertise was well-received and is still performing well above industry averages. If you are looking for strong global and expat investment advice that protects your risk and your family, please ensure you consider Daniel.

Eva Claramonte
Manager, Events & Special Projects at ADNOC Group
September 2, 2020, Eva was a client of Daniel’s

I have been Daniel's client for almost 3 years now. Honestly, I am extremely happy with all his advice and recommendations. I even increased the investment in year 2 to increase my ROI - and it exceeded my expectations. On a personal note, Daniel is so easy to talk, knows everything about the finance world and I know that he has my best interest at heart. I couldn’t recommend him more!

Vasileios Papadopoulos
Managing Director MENA Region at Info Salons Group
January 29, 2020, Vasileios was a client of Daniel’s

I never believed in all of those ‘financial planning’ calls/offers and thought they were always after my money and that it was a big scam! I was first introduced to Daniel by a friend who had been a client of his for quite some years and recommended that I just meet him and hear him out. I must say, Daniel and I went through my finances at that time and was shocked when he did not just give me financial advise on my current spending and savings, but also refused to start me up with a plan as he feared for my well being with my current salary. I had never expected such a response. The respect I have for Daniel is far beyond imagination, He kept in touch to see how I was and a year later I signed up with him and have no regrets! He has never failed any expectation and always made me feel safe about my investment and where its being invested in. He always listens and is always there when you need him or have any fear or doubt. Without doubt, I’m recommending Daniel Barron to anyone wanting to have a better life for themselves and enjoy a nice retirement with a peace of mind. He is not just your financial advisor but a partner to your future happiness and one that will definitely leave you with a smile! One thing I will advise anyone reading this post is don't be afraid of showing him your finances, be true and honest with him and he will guide you. God bless you Daniel.

Kenneth Wong
Founder & Managing Partner at The NonFiction Factory.
April 7, 2019, Kenneth was a client of Daniel’s

For years, I have been wary and sceptical of ‘financial planning’ calls/offers, and Dan was no exception to my mindset. His persistence won me over and after the first meeting, I had no doubt as to his expertise and sincerity in helping me to work out a plan for a comfortable retirement. Dan demonstrates a high level of integrity, from his punctuality, to meeting promises to send over documents. Clear next steps are explained at the end of each meeting, and Dan never fails to keep me updated of any changes. Without hesitation, I’m recommending Daniel Barron as someone to speak with on financial planning / retirement planning. If I had any regrets, it would be not having met Dan 10 years earlier to start saving with deVere instead of my bank.

Boris Stojsavljevic
System Engineer at Dell Technologies
April 4, 2019, Boris was a client of Daniel’s

I am absolutely delighted with the service Dan has delivered. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in his client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way Dan took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, and his depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and his common sense approach. His professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend his services whenever possible.

Mathew Ambat
Executive experience in operations, strategic planning, budget management, cost analysis and board governance.
March 11, 2019, Mathew was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel has been managing my portfolio for quite sometime now. I am greatly pleased and comfortable how our relationship has evolved. I completely trust his recommendations in handling my portfolio. Through the years I have trusted Daniel in managing my portfolio and will continue to do so. He has been a professional in handling business affairs and a good friend in assisting me in various personal matters. I am confident he will continue to deliver a world class investment portfolio management with his own personal touch of friendship.

Bill Hickie
Project Director (Middle East) at Boskalis
August 28, 2018, Bill was a client of Daniel’s

I have worked with Dan for a number of years now and Dan has over the years proved to be a trustworthy advisor who has provided sound and professional advice on my pensions and savings plans which incidentally have turned out to be very successful and profitable so far...long may it continue.

Richard Chaplin MIEx
Head Of Partnerships at Midstream Lighting Ltd
July 13, 2017, Richard was a client of Daniel’s

Dan has always given me sound unbiased advice, carefully considering my individual situation and tailoring options accordingly. He is not pushy and is very professional in his planning, execution and delivery of financial recommendations. He keeps in touch regularly and always turns up on time! I would suggest Dan as a first port of call to anybody seeking some assistance with their investments.

Dana Salloum
Communications, External Affairs, and CSR
April 29, 2017, Dana was a client of Daniel’s

I use Dan to help me with long term savings and so far it's been a rewarding experience. He is professional , responsive and dependable which gives me the peace of mind I need!

David Hewitt
Director Sales & Projects at Endress+Hauser
April 28, 2017, David was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel is a knowledgeable person in his field, he is someone is accessible, helpful. Keeps to his commitments and always pleasant and helpful ''amicable''. Warm Regards David

Sameh El-Houssari
Senior Project Manager at North25 Project Management LLC
January 24, 2017, Sameh was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel is an honest person and he's skilled in what he do. Throughout the past two years he advised me to select suitable investment plans and thankfully it's returning more than expected. I would recommend him for anyone interested in robust and rewarding investment plans. Sameh

Elin Lund Bin Hendi
Call Center Manager at Emirates Driving Institute
October 18, 2016, Elin Lund was a client of Daniel’s

I have been dealing with Dan for more than two years, and it has been a great journey so far. Dan has from the beginning taken time to carefully understand my finances and goals, and thereby been great at advising me accordingly. With quarterly meetings he always keeps me up to date with what is going on, and in addition Dan and his team always responds immediately when needed in between. With the easy going nature of our interactions I have come to regard Dan as a friend, someone who has my best interest at heart. I have no hesitation in giving Dan my full recommendation.

Kevin Stedman FRSA MA
Deputy Director RLSE Taskforce Dubai at RLSE Taskforce
October 11, 2016, Kevin was a client of Daniel’s

I can't recommend Dan highly enough. His advice on pension investments for myself and my wife helped us to cope with early retirement due to my ill health. Dan expertly took away our worries and now a year on we are benefitting from sound advice and managed investments - something that I felt was going to be impossible at my age. Dan is regularly in touch and keeps us updated with our pension investments. our whole relationship with him has been nothing but positive. I would highly recommend Dan Barron to anyone seeking financial investment and pension advice.

George Spork
Key Account Manager at Temenos
January 23, 2016, George was a client of Daniel’s

Daniel is very professional and provides good financial advice to me based on my personal situation. He is always keeping an eye out for other opportunities for investment fitting my profile and briefs me on a personal basis, which gives it a nice personal touch! Therefore it is a pleasure working with Daniel and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking for financial planning and advice!

Irfan Ali
Director - Digital Services - Gaming, Esports, Digital Payments and Partnerships, Etisalat Group International
August 31, 2015, Irfan was a client of Daniel’s

I have known Dan for the last 4 years and from the very outset was impressed by his attitude and approach. Never pushy and totally transparent in his advice. This meant that the initital investments with him were based on a pragmatic and long term approach which is now reaping benefits for me. In addition to this I had previous stagnant investments which I was able to transfer and increase under his guidance and supervision. I do not need to say that I highly recommend Dan as the proof is in the fact that I am constantly referring my friends to him. I trust him implicitly and value his advice as we continue to develop our financial relationship together.

Dan Fletcher
Associate Director - Turner & Townsend - BSc (Hons) PGDipSurv MRICS
July 29, 2015, Dan was a client of Daniel’s

I have known Dan for several years. I would no hesitation in recommending Dan to a fellow expat. The advice and solutions offered were honestly, expertly explained and researched. I have always been impressed by his professionalism, experience and knowledge of the market. He has always kept me updated with regular reviews to achieve and how best to manage any investment.

Lindsey Taranto
Growth Strategy | Management Consulting | Startup Enthusiast | Strategic Advisor
July 28, 2015, Lindsey was a client of Daniel’s

Dan is a consummate professional and has helped me to craft a portfolio that suits my risk profile. Typically financial advisors can come across with a one size fits all approach and this is definitely note the case with Dan. Thanks to him I have now made financial plans for the medium and long term and will continue to work with him to craft a more sophisticated portfolio as my needs change. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to get good financial advice from a professional who will take the time to properly understand your requirements.

Brendan C.
Business and Strategy Consultant | Experienced Retailer | Authentic Leader | Blue Ocean Strategist | Business Developer | Mentor
July 27, 2015, Brendan was a client of Daniel’s

Dan is an expert in his field. He helped me put the right start up savings plan in place to ensure that I reach my planned goal. Dan's personable and relaxed manner made me feel that it wasn't too difficult nor late to get started and he helped me every step of the way, putting up with my delays and allowing me to voice all of the concerns. Dan is extremely professional and reliable and has made me feel relaxed about my future. I can confidently hand on heart recommend Dan as an exceptional financial advisor.

Allan Woods
Francois Marine Ship Supply
July 27, 2015, Allan was a client of Daniel’s

The financial situation I was in was I had moved to the Middle East and had pensions and investments in the UK, I needed expert advice on how I could make these could be improved and invested to increase value. The positive experience I had working with Dan was that he was flexible went into details about what I actually wanted to achieve and came back to me with different solutions. The solutions we explored where moving pensions funds out of the UK to overseas markets, these gave much better growth, the possibility of taking lump sum payments. If I moved from the Middle East I would also have the flexibility to change my plans. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who wants detailed financial advice, investments and pension plans, Dan is flexible on approach and very honest on what can achieved in technical terms as well as explanations that are simple to understand

Liffey Jun Pacana
July 26, 2015, Liffey Jun was a client of Daniel’s

Two years ago I was financially un-secure. It felt like I was just working hard and not knowing where my funds go and scared of what will happen when I retire. Thanks to a colleague of mine who introduced Dan to me. Dan offered solutions to me and with his wide knowledge about the market and mainly how to achieve financial growth I felt confident and trusted him in driving me to the right direction in managing my financial goal. Now I do normal work and not thinking of what happens to me when I retire like before. Thanks to Dan! I strongly recommend Dan to anyone who wants financial consultation/advices.