Ulas Sadak

I am very passionate about what I do. My primary focus is on providing my clients with solutions where there are real benefits and gains. I am a strong believer in doing the right thing as I wish to build my business on solid foundations.

Since 2001 I have been advising my clients on investment opportunities and tax planning. My main areas of expertise are, UK pensions, UK Tax, QROPS, SIPP, off shore tax planning, wealth management, real estate and general areas of financial planning. My experience and network of relationships have allowed me to introduce my clients to many lucrative opportunities. I am currently managing a team of consultants based in Abu Dhabi assisting and servicing our clients throughout the Middle East and other GCC countries.

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Some of my client's reviews:


Alan Usher
Chief Operating Officer, Main Board Director - IFM at EICO Group. Keynote Speaker and Presentations
June 24, 2021, Alan was a client of Ulas’

It is with great pleasure that I would like to offer a recommendation of Ulas. He has a very good manner and helped me enormously. What I found most pleasing was he did not offer get rich quick or unrealistic returns. Just sensible, objective advice. Matched my profile perfectly. I feel as if I am in good hands and he really cares about how my portfolio develops. Apart from that, I appreciate he always has the time to discuss any concerns I may have.He is a true Gentlemen and an all round good guy. I would find it difficult to fault his approach.

 Marnus Kruger
Sales Agent at Agricol Seeds
October 20, 2020, Marnus reported directly to Ulas

I had the privilege to work at deVere for two years where Ulas was my Area Manager. In our industry it is easy to get fooled by people and I found people doesn’t know who to trust anymore. I will gladly recommend Ulas to anyone that struggles to find a trustworthy advisor. Honesty, trust and knowledge is but just a few words that comes to mind.

Glenda Low
Project Coordination Manager at INSEAD
July 12, 2020, Glenda was a client of Ulas’

I am very fortunate to have Ulas as my Financial Advisor, he has consistently, over the past years, guided me strategically in my investments and helped me to build my portfolio. A very genuine person with great passion, with a wealth of financial knowledge, my investments have grown significantly since Ulas took over my account and I know I am in good hand. Thank you Ulas! 

Robert Salmon
Zero Carbon Footprint Resources Management- Real Estate Development- Co-CEO at Crypto Bank-Renewable Energy Development-Fund Raising for Start-Ups - Mentoring - Digital Business Transformation Strategist
February 26, 2020, Robert was a client of Ulas’

Ulas provides good quality financial planning and has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of wealth planning for expatriates. He is a good listener and provides every customer with a bespoke solution. I can highly recommend him.

Christopher White
Available now | CPO | Procurement Director | Head of Procurement | Head of Supply Chain | Procurement Consultant | Perm | Interim | Private Sector | Public Sector | Multiple Industries | #ONO
February 19, 2020, Christopher was a client of Ulas’

Ulas has managed financial matters on my behalf for a number of years, both investments and pension-related matters, to my financial benefit. He is trustworthy, direct with his feedback, advice and updates and takes away the hassle and any potential worry in managing financial matters. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to those who may need help and advice in the management of their finances. 

Alan Reid MBA
Logistics Director
February 9, 2020, Alan was a client of Ulas’

Ulas always provides updates as promised, and is very straight talking. He makes it easy for non-finance people to understand the lingo etc. A pleasure to deal with.

Leigh Lenaghan
Senior Design Manager/Project Director at Strategic Design Consultancy LLC
February 2, 2020, Leigh was a client of Ulas’

As a client of Ulas for a number of years now, I have increasingly come to trust him to manage my investments, finding him to be forthright and honest in his regular reports as well as in the management of my investments. As a result I would have no problem in recommending him to friends and colleagues.

Eur Ing Daryl Nonas SCE CEng MIET
Director of Engineering - BAE Systems SDT
January 20, 2020, Eur Ing Daryl was a client of Ulas’

I have been a deVere client for a little over 6 years, during which time Ulas has provided honest, transparent and consistent advice. Financial performance of my diverse investments has delivered year on year despite market uncertainty. Ulas is a genuine professional and can be relied upon to give independent guidance that benefits the client. 

Marcus Wright
Associate Wealth Consultant at Acuma deVere
January 20, 2020, Marcus was a client of Ulas’

I would highly recommend Ulas in terms of any pension advice together with any savings plan options. I have always found Ulas to be very knowledgable and supportive.

Svetlana Deshais CISI I,II,III
Senior Wealth Manager at deVere Acuma
October 29, 2019, Svetlana reported directly to Ulas

Where to start? 4 years ago I have accepted challenging job opportunity and joined team under management of Ulas. He is one of those leaders who leads by an example, and believe that hard work pays off. He is in the office 1st and leaving last! This explains why we have clicked instantly. We share the same believes, values and work ethic. We treat business as our own and do what's right for the clients while building long lasting relationships.

I can honestly say that I would not excel in my role without such a great support from Ulas, who offers not only constant support in daily tasks, complex cases, creative thinking but demonstrate an absolutely unbelievable financial expertise. His commitment as a manager is highly appreciated in our team and across company. He has proved himself year on year as a top achiever in the company while managing large international team. Ulas certainly shaped me up in my career path and I consider myself very fortunate to be part of his team and still learning of his many years of experience.

Adrian Pearce
Senior Reservoir Engineer at CNOOC International (Glengorm)
December 21, 2016, Adrian was a client of Ulas’

Ulas is the first financial advisor I have had in 30+ years who has given me realistic and honest predictions of financial risks and wealth growth potential. He also did not abandon me once I bought my QROPS ... we meet up regularly rain or shine to discuss how my investments are doing. I have saved a lot of money through pension awareness and legitimate tax avoidance schemes whilst abroad. I find Ulas a nice guy ... honest, knowledgeable and reliable. 

Julio Taylor
CEO at Hallam
August 25, 2015, Julio was a client of Ulas’

Ulas is a thorough professional with fantastic knowledge and a clear and easy way to do business – always careful to explain everything in detail, offer advice and help.

But most importantly, Ulas is a compassionate and caring man who took care of me and my family during our darkest times.

After the death my my father, Ulas personally ensured that everything was in order and the financial future of my mother's affairs were taken care of, with the utmost respect, tact and warmth. He treated us as if we were his own family.

We'll never forget what Ulas did for us, and I couldn't recommend him any more highly. 

Corrie John
Product Manager
February 10, 2015, Corrie reported directly to Ulas

Ulas continuously manages the expectations of both his clients and his employees. He has provided substantial training to my colleagues and myself since joining his team. He is always willing to share his expertise and the knowledge that he has built up from him time in the industry.

François Dumontel
Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Seva Export®
November 25, 2012, François was a client of Ulas’

I would like to recommend Ulas for the high level of dedication and determination when developing business relationships and referring these effectively.

Ulas has proved to not only be a good source of leads but has always kept his performance down to his genuine interest in assisting other businesses without asking anything in return.

So far, Ulas has shown great signs of integrity and persistence. 

Ian McLean
Retired at At Home
January 19, 2012, Ian was a client of Ulas’

Ulas has provided expert, impartial financial advice without pressure or hard-sell. He has a pleasant manner and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Richard Cavey
Senior Recruitment Consultant MIRP
January 18, 2012, Richard was a client of Ulas’

I found Ulas to be very helpful and knowledgable and would gladly recommend him to anyone. He helped me to secure a financial future for my family and for that I am forever thankful.

Nick Davenport
Business Director at Frostlight Solutions AB and Bøth of us
January 17, 2012, Nick worked with Ulas but at different companies

Ulas has been an extremely useful contact in Investment circles. I personally have learnt a great deal from him; He often had useful insight into potential opportunities, forming his opinion based on fact and analysis rather than simply a 'follow the herd' mentality. His advice helped hugely in making the right (and profitable) decision in complicated situations and I would not hesitate to recommend him. 

Stephen (Steve) Findley
Still sending your sales proposal as a PDF?
January 17, 2012, Ulas was a client of Stephen (Steve)’s

Ulas quickly impressed me with his knowledge of the London property market and the use of property as an investment tool. He was very professional and took a genuine interest in what I had to say, a reflection of the fact that we continue to keep in touch - I would have no hesitation in recommending Ulas.