Residency & Citizenship


Residency & Citizenship by investment

A deVere we believe a person’s passport should not hold them back from achieving their potential in life which is why we created our Residency and Citizenship department. Headed by James Minns, the department strives to offer clients and potential clients increased levels of freedom.

The department is proud to be able to offer clients and potential clients the ability to change their residency and citizenship status, either through a donation or property investment.

What are the benefits of changing your residency or citizenship?

  • Freedom of Travel; certain passports allow holders to visit just 29 countries without a visa. Compare that with the strongest passport in the world which allows visa-free travel to 167 countries.
  • Opportunity to reside; work and open a business in Europe and the USA
  • Access to a greater range of education options for your children throughout Europe and the USA
  • Tax benefits; global taxation is becoming an issue for many nationalities, not just on people’s global income but also inheritance tax
  • Access to reside in countries who offer free healthcare for citizens
  • The ability to bypass sanctions on business and travel

What options do deVere offer clients?

In total, deVere offers a total of 3 residency programs and 8 citizenship programs.

Residency: Portugal, Cyrpus, Greece and Malta

Citizenship: Malta, Cyprus, St Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Kitts & Nevis and Grenada