Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning Ideas

Retirement always seems a long way off, until it isn’t.

Enjoying a long, comfortable retirement is an aspiration shared by many, which is why planning for it is so important. Unlike many things in life, there is no second chance when it comes to planning, so you need to make sure you get it right, on your first attempt.

In order to enjoy your dream retirement, there are several important retirement planning considerations. These include, but are not limited to, building a sufficient pot of wealth, understanding local tax laws, efficiently drawing down your pension overseas, obtaining the correct visas, converting currency efficiently and putting the best healthcare provisions in place.

The earlier you develop an understanding of how all of these considerations will affect you, the more enjoyable your retirement is likely to be. deVere specialise in helping clients build a pathway to their dream retirement, by ensuring the correct provisions taken when required.

UK Pension Advice 

deVere specialise in advising clients on their UK pension assets. This advice often involves looking at both UK State Pension Benefits & UK Workplace Pensions.

There is a major knowledge gap, especially with expatriates when it comes to understanding their UK pension entitlements.

deVere offer both face-to-face and remote advice

deVere’s advice process usually involves locating UK pensions and requesting full statements, explaining UK pension benefits to clients, undertaking a financial questionnaire and then producing a suitability report to assess whether a client’s current pension arrangements align with their current situation and long term objectives. 

International Pension/Savings Plans 

Despite the fact that many people move overseas to improve their financial prospects, it can be easy to forget about making retirement arrangements. deVere can help you maximise your financial potential by helping you plan constructively for the future. 

Whether you’re planning for your retirement in Spain, your children’s wedding, that dream classic car or simply looking to build a rainy day fund, we can help you. 

Retirement Tax Planning 

Tax planning is essential. Without planning, you can easily end up paying more tax than you need to. That means less money in your pocket for retirement and potentially less money to pass on to your loved ones after you’re gone.

Tax planning involves looking at efficient ways to draw down your pension income, minimise potential inheritance tax bills and grow your capital without paying taxes on the gains.