Scary Facts: The Real Cost of Body Repatriation

If you pass away whilst living overseas, you will need to be flown home for your burial.

Losing a loved one is always distressing, but when body repatriation is brought into the equation, the experience is made all the more traumatic, and this is without mentioning the astronomical costs involved.

This blog will cover:

  • The cost of body repatriation
  • Who pays the bill 
  • What you can do today to protect your family

The cost of body repatriation 

The average cost of repatriating a body from the UAE to the UK ranges between Dh20,000 and Dh30,000, according to a repatriation expert. The cost largely depends on the destination with more remote areas including rural villages and islands costing far more. In certain cases, the bill can rise up to Dh90,000.

Repatriating a body to Asia will cost between Dh15,000 and Dh25,000 with African repatriations costing in the region of Dh35,000.

If someone dies outside of hospital, the process of repatriating a body often takes around 2 weeks. The process can take even longer depending on the requirements for autopsies and potentially even toxicology reports.

Who pays the bill for body repatriation?

In the vast majority of cases, the family of the deceased have to pay the bill for the body to be repatriated.

In certain cases, employers will cover these costs, however, this is dependent on a case-by-case basis.

Where families are financially unable to pay and employers do not offer, the body repatriation will often have to depend on organised crowdfunds on pages like JustGiving.

What you can do today 

We all hope to live long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, as we know, not everyone is so lucky.

For expats who pass away whilst living overseas, their families will often be burdened with a long list of expenses including body repatriation and funeral costs.

If after reading this, you believe you could be exposing your family to a severe financial burden should you pass away, you should explore life insurance.

A deVere adviser can assist you in arranging sufficient life insurance protection to cover funeral costs and body repatriation. You may also wish to arrange life insurance to cover any pre-existing debts you may have.



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