Shariah Compliant


Our Commitment 

deVere are proud to offer a wide range of Shariah-compliant investment solutions which invest in a variety of asset classes and geographical regions. Our company are passionate about helping our Muslim client base achieve financial security for themselves and their families through Shariah-compliant investing. Whatever your investment outlook, our team of specialists can construct a shariah-compliant portfolio to help you reach your goals.

What are Shariah-compliant funds?

Shariah-compliant investing is governed by the rules of Shariah law and the principles of Islam. Shariah-compliant funds are considered a form of socially responsible investing.

Our Shariah Recognised Funds list

At deVere our team of experts specialize in finding the best investment solutions within the Shariah-compliant market to ensure you always have access to the top investment solutions.

Our Shariah investment solutions