Socially Responsible


Our ESG commitment 

deVere are proud to offer a wide range of socially responsible investment solutions which invest in a variety of asset classes and geographical regions. Our company are passionate about investing in a sustainable fashion to help minimise climate change, species loss and environmental degradation along with promoting strong corporate governance and social responsibility.

How does socially responsible investing work?

The approach of socially responsible funds includes investing in firms which are engaged in social justice, environmental sustainability, alternative and clean energy. Socially responsible investing considers environmental, social and corporate governance which is known as ESG. Each company considered for investment will be graded with an ESG score to determine if it meets a certain investment grade criteria. Companies will be judged on the way in which employees, suppliers, stakeholders and customers are treated to ascertain their ethical position. The same such grading system will be applied to environmental practices.

Our Socially Responsible Recognised Fund List

At deVere our team of experts specialize in finding the best investment solutions within the socially responsible market. This ensures our clients can always invest in line with their ethical beliefs in what we consider the most competitive funds available.

Investment solutions with socially responsible options