Structured Products


deVere Acuma is proud to offer a comprehensive range of structured products via life insurance wrappers. We have unique relationships with some of the world’s leading providers. As a result of this, many of our products are exclusive to deVere clients and cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

Structured Products explained

A structured product is typically a fixed-term investment which can be in operation for 2-6 years. The product’s performance is dependent on a separate underlying asset.

The underlying assets

The majority of deVere structured products track stock markets, for example, the FTSE 100, whilst some track individual stocks, for example, Facebook or PayPal.

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Example structured product

Details: deVere Exclusive Quarterly Note with memory
Issuer rating: Moody’s A3, S&P BBB+ & Fitch A
Term: 6 years
Underlying indices: FTSE 100, Eurostoxx 50, S&P 200 and S&P 500.
Potential quarterly coupon: 3.375%
Coupon hurdle: Quarterly coupon paid if underlying indices are valued at 70% of the strike date value.
Memory feature: If a quarterly coupon is missed due to indices falling below 70% on quarterly observation, on the next observation if all indices are above 70% the missed coupon and the current coupon will be paid.
Risk: Market & issuer risk.

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Structured products are designed to offer investors regular income along with downside protection. In the example given above, hypothetically if the underlying stock markets did not grow at all in 6 years and stayed at the same value, this client would receive the entire initial investment back + 81% growth.

This type of product is suitable for a client who wishes to benefit from in-built protection but also wants exposure to the stock market. This product also allows clients to potentially benefit from a regular income from an invested lump sum.

How to access deVere’s notes?

If you have a lump sum amount which you feel could be working harder for you, one of our advisors will be happy to talk you through current options. Please click on the link below for more information.