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What is a Structured Note?

A structured note is a debt instrument with pre-defined market-dependent returns. Essentially they operate like an IOU from a bank.

Structured notes commonly track 3 or 4 stock market indices from developed economies like the US (S&P 500) or the UK (FTSE 100).

Depending on preference, there are different types of notes available to suit varying risk appetites. Structured products are designed for adventurous clients seeking high yields in the region of 6-10%+ per annum.

Structured notes generally run for a 6-year term, however, many notes mature before the end of their term, returning clients their initial capital plus all coupons generated.


deVere Group are pleased to announce the release of a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of a Fixed Yield Note, designed exclusively for deVere clients.

You can receive an income of up to 10% per annum, (both USD & GBP) provided the traded indexes are equal to or above the required percentages of their starting levels.

The Time is Now

This note closes to investors next week so if you want to learn more about it, simply click the button below.

deVere Investment’s structured notes are available exclusively to deVere clients. If you are already a client and would like to learn more, please contact your advisor. If you are not a client, please fill out the form below to be put in contact with a structured notes specialist.


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