Earn a fixed income on your cash savings  

High fixed returns between 4-20% per annum 

Savings products between 2-6 years 

Held with A+ credit rated investment banks

Earn returns in flat, rising or slightly falling market conditions

Simplifying wealth creation...

Key Benefits of Fixed Income Savings Products

deVere's fixed income savings notes are an excellent inclusion in varying investment portfolios. 


deVere offer a wide range of solutions from cautious developed market notes which return between 3-5% per annum to growth focused equity market notes that return up to 16-20% per annum. 


These products are suitable for investors with ranging growth objectives & investment timescales.


Fixed income notes outline the growth you can earn at the start of the product's operation. This allows for clearer expectations and financial planning. 


Enjoy capital protection from market downturns, that allow you to receive an income even when markets are flat or falling. 


Invest your wealth into investment solutions with (A3/A-/A-)  credit ratings. 

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