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Taxes, Death Benefits & Currency Questions

We begin our pension review by bringing you fully up to speed with key factors including taxes due on your pension, the death benefits associated with your scheme and what currency issues you may face.

Your Pension's

Charging Structure 

In the last 20 years, pension products have changed significantly, one of the most visible changes during that period has been the reduction in charges in modern pensions. Our team can find out exactly what fees you are paying to your current pension scheme and let you know if there are more competitive alternatives on the market.

Your Pension's

 Investment Strategy

Members of defined benefit pension schemes are promised a retirement income depending on their final salary and their years of service. The scheme has absolute control over the investment decisions and risks required to fulfil the promise.

The Value of Your Pension

Many people are unaware of the size of their pension savings. Good financial planning involves finding out exactly what you can expect from your scheme. Our team can research all of your UK pensions no matter how big or small to provide you with a cumulative pension figure.


Please fill in your details and one of our team will be happy to assist you in answering these and any other questions you may have.


How much tax you're likely to pay on your pension.

Depending on the size of your pension and where you will be drawing it down, there may be certain tax considerations. If you are unsure of how your pension income will affect your tax position, our advisors can clarify this for you.


The associated death benefits.

When you pass away your surviving spouse may be eligible to receive an on-going pension from your defined benefit pension scheme. This figure is often under 50% of the amount you would have received. Our team can show you options on how you may be eligible to increase this figure.


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