Benson Paul

Benson is a qualified financial advisor with 4+ years of experience; his clientele consists of time precious professionals looking for advice on compounding their wealth and planning for a second source of income. These professionals work in high-pressure jobs and understand the importance of working with an advisor.

Benson is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and generating a passive income through investing.

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Some of my client's reviews:

Kunaal Kapur, CFA
Senior Director | Director | Vice President Financial Planning | Financial Strategy | Budgeting | Reporting | Activity Based Costing Airports | Aviation | Transport | Logistics | Duty Free | Free Zones | Media
August 31, 2021, Kunaal was a client of Benson’s

I have been working with Benson since 2020. He is professional, knowledgeable and super responsive not only to me but the changing markets. He's made significant improvements to my portfolio, I would recommend Benson as he is respectable, trustworthy and honest.

Dave Cowan
Site Outage Manager at Westinghouse
July 11, 2021, Dave was a client of Benson’s

Young talented financial professional that has helped me achieve my financial goals. Intelligence, genuine care, and sharp business acumen are some Ben's top attributes!

Yassar Mehmood Khan
Senior Specialist, Compensation Rewards & Policy at Department of Culture and Tourism
June 5, 2021, Yassar Mehmood was a client of Benson’s

I know Benson from 2018, when we started my investment planning. He is very patient and have a very thorough understanding of financial markets and investments. He closely follows all his client's portfolios performance and is always ready with alternates in order to have the best returns. He is always available to support and share any information/clarification you need. A true investment advisor.

Benny Damien
Team Leader, Systems Management at Abudhabi Investment Council
May 9, 2021, Benny was a client of Benson’s

Benson has good understanding about his job and his responsibilities. I have got Benson to manage my investment in the midst of a loss on my investment. The reallocation of investments has brought my funds to a better position and brought a good profit. His intervention was very timely.

Alisha Fernandes
Corporate Communications l Content Specialist l Public Relations & External Communications l Internal Communications l Marketing & Branding
April 25, 2021, Alisha was a client of Benson’s

Benson is not only a well versed professional, but he also goes the extra mile to understand the needs of his clients and provide council based on those needs. He is one of the very few advisors out there who actually prioritize what is in the best interest of his clients. He is extremely patient and thorough with his investment advice. I am very happy to have moved my portfolio to Benson who now manages my investments! Most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a hands-on advisor!

Maqbool Parkar. ACA (India), CPA (Australia), Six Sigma Black Belt
Finance Strategist, Controls and Systems at Large Local Conglomerate
November 4, 2020, Maqbool Parkar. was a client of Benson’s

Benson has been advising me with my investment planning since 2018. He is the rare one who takes great effort to understand needs of his clients and devices spicific short term and long term goals. His passion to analyze different options is evident in how he deals with his customers. With him I am assured I have a reliable friend and advisor.

Taravat Mammadova
Founder and Managing Director at MaxtarGO Training Ltd.
November 4, 2020, Taravat was a client of Benson’s

Benson has been very helpful with the advice I needed when making investment decisions. He has been very patient addressing the concerns I had. I am pleased with the service Benson provided so far.

Shereen Ramduth
Founder of SKS Class of Maths
November 4, 2020, Shereen was a client of Benson’s

It is rare to come across real young talent who stand out like Benson. I had the absolute pleasure of Benson being my financial advisor for the past year and he has not only carried out his tasks professionally, but has efficiently managed my portfolio. He is prompt and punctual with advise, documentation and meetings. Benson would be an asset to any manager.

Harshvardhan Singh
Marketing | Digital Payments | Fintech | Strategy
September 21, 2020, Harshvardhan was a client of Benson’s

I have been interacting with Benson for over a year and I must say that he has a wealth of knowledge on investments and is just a call away when I need an advise. My investment portfolio has grown with his advise over the last year. I am happy that my money is in good hands.

Amit Sharma, FRM
Product Owner, IT at ADS Securities
September 15, 2020, Amit was a client of Benson’s

Benson is a thorough professional who takes his work seriously. He is always prepared for our meetings and I am happy with the financial advice and support I have been given. He is a good listener and takes his time to provide complete solutions for the situation at hand.

Stephen C.
Corporate Training Consultant | Customer Experience Management | Strategic Learning Solutions | Business Development
April 9, 2020, Stephen was a client of Benson’s

I have had Benson as my financial advisor for a while now. He is very professional and thorough. He is quite patient dealing with my zillion phone calls and messages. Reliable and well versed in his field of expertise.

Abderrahim Oulhaj
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
March 19, 2020, Abderrahim was a client of Benson’s

Great guy.. I was struggling with 4 financial advisors consecutively before meeting Benson. He's very honest, explains financial concepts in a very simple but informative way, he answers all the questions but more importantly he gives very good financial solutions. Since I met Benson, my portfolio improved significantly. I strongly recommend Benson as your financial advisor.

Many thanks Benson. Keep up the great work.

Allison Smith
September 26, 2019, Allison was a client of Benson’s

Benson provided solid investment advice and managed our investments in a professional manner. It was a pleasure to interact with him.

Jayanta Sarkar, PMP®, RMP®
O&G | Project Management Consultant (PMC) | Engineering Management | Project Risk Management
June 10, 2019, Jayanta was a client of Benson’s

Benson has been working as financial advisory for me in last one yr or so on behalf of deVere.

I found him quite helpful and have a professional approach in answering all my queries and concerns with my investments and savings. He also reassured me on more than one occasion and guided me well related to financial matters. I have been trusting his judgement. Therefore, I would recommend him to others also who would need any advice on savings investments and insurances.

Thank you 

Marnus Kruger
Sales Agent at Agricol Seeds
May 27, 2019, Benson worked with Marnus in the same group

I can say with all honesty that Benson's knowledge of the industry as well as his hard work and ethics will take him very far in life.

Chayon Sinha
Senior Software Engineer Team Lead at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
March 11, 2019, Chayon was a client of Benson’s

Benson has helped me to manage my wealth, he offered his services and has ensured that I have my money working for me with structure and discipline. I feel he is honest, transparent and has my best interest in mind, We are currently working together to ensure that I achieve my medium and long term goals.

He is reliable and very knowledgable in the field. I would recommend Benson to anyone looking to grow their wealth.