Stacey Gray ACSI

Senior Wealth Manager based in Dubai UAE with over 7 years international experience for the deVere group. Educating and advising clients through a number of different investment opportunities aswell as a keen focus on tax and succession planning.

As one of the limited women in the industry, especially in the region I am passionate about ensuring that financial independence is a primary focus for all. We work incredibly hard throughout our lifetime and so it is of utmost importance to ensure that we maximise the opportunities that are available to us.

I can provide insight into these opportunities creating a bespoke strategy to suit your objectives, risk profile and timeframe.

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Some of my client's reviews:

Arnold Gutmann 

Technology Director

Highly knowledgeable and professional financial advisor who is always ready and able to answer our (sometimes complicated) questions with patience and insight. She is well informed about market trends and developments and quick to introduce new investment options that meet our criteria and goals. Her guidance and advice in building and diversifying our portfolio was crucial and valuable.

Zena Adhami 

Education and Government Marketing

“My Husband and I are happy with Stacey as she has been our advisor for the past 5 years. Stacey is always accurate and always provided us with professional advice. Our savings and investments are doing very well every year, Stacey always encourages us to save and has always been there for us when we needed advice. Stacey always makes sure to present to us the latest portfolios and keeps us up to date.”

Catherine Morgan 


“After working with male advisors previously, Stacey was a breath of fresh air as she relates very well to females and their mentality when it comes to Financial Planning. Stacey has been committed, conscientious and attentive to my needs unlike previous advisors. I can recommend her unreservedly which I have never been able to with past advisors.”

Kate Horsefield 

Assistant Director - Business and Financial Services

“Having worked with Stacey for more than 2 years now I am really happy with her advice and the portfolio she has helped me build. Stacey is personable and professional with a good understanding of long-term financial planning for different life events. She is very knowledgeable about a wide range of asset classes and products and I love her no nonsense approach. I have and continue to recommend that people meet with her to discuss their financial health.”

Hamza Al Sawaf 

Urban Planner

“I have been working with Stacey Gray for a year now and I would not have asked for a better advisor than her, very knowledgeable in her area of expertise and thorough in her explanation. She is patient and understanding and very helpful in giving me guidance on investment ideas. “

Sid Malhotra

Business Head – Retail

“It has been great working with Stacey, she is passionate and truly loves her job which translates to looking out for her clients’ best interest.

Clinton Southorn 

Chief Agronomist

“I have been happy working with Stacey Gray on building my personal portfolio over the past several years. Stacey brings professionalism, calmness and an attitude that you’re looking for when dealing with personal finances. When searching for a person / organization to tailor a plan for my future: I was looking for someone with a high skill set, passionate and up to speed with the markets: I was also looking for someone I could trust. Stacey has delivered on all these factors.”

Dana Adhami 

Director – Advertising

“Stacey has been my financial ‘therapist’ since 2014. She listens, offers the best financial advice, and always has my best interest at heart. My financials have significantly grown since we started because of her sound advice. This is a relationship that I am very happy to have and continue through the future.”

Anastasia Pavlou 

Director, Legal – Media

“I have been very fortunate to have Stacey Gray as my wealth manager for the past 5 years. From our very first meeting, Stacey took a genuine interest in helping me achieve the most from my financial circumstances and it didn’t take long before I could see that she knows exactly what she’s doing! I’ve experienced excellent results by following her advice and am very confident that Stacey will continue to provide me with the most trustworthy and valuable guidance concerning my financial affairs. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a competent, knowledgeable, dedicated, and ethical advisor in the UAE. Stacey is a true professional who is genuinely committed to achieving the best possible results for her clients.”

Ray Verweij 

Recruitment Branch Manager

“Changed over the deVere a number of years ago after some poor service from a local agent and the service is night and day. Stacey Gray has been fantastic, great service, advice and always a good laugh. My portfolio has never looked better even through the covid crisis. deVere, especially Stacey, comes highly recommended to anyone willing to make smart investments.”

Maher Abou Zeid

Medical Investor

“Stacey took my account couple of years back and I was in RED making a loss and she was able in less than 2 years to turn it around. I was ready to exit and minimize my losses and now I am willing to diversify new investment with Stacey.”

Jonathan Semakula 


“Ever since Stacey took over which is about 6 years ago now, my wife and I have seen a complete change in our financial life. She is always there when we need her, and we receive constant updates on everything on the market on a daily basis. Stacey schedules interesting and enjoyable meetings right on time and is always well equipped with relevant information about our financial status. Her calls are always precise, informative, and guiding to future developments. I have and will always recommend Stacey to all my friends whenever I get a chance because I have been blessed by her expertise in the financial field. I have never regretted meeting Stacey!”

Omar Kuwatly 

Private Aviation Sales

“I had a bad experience with deVere in 2016-17 and stopped the enrolling process in the middle of it then started working with Stacey who changed my mind, and I went back into starting a policy again. Even though I went through some rough time and had to stop contributions she was very supportive and understanding, where some other advisors might push you to squeeze more cash from you. She understood why I was pausing the contributions and gave me my space for the time being until I’m able to contribute again. Highly recommended.”

Victoria Barriskill 

Account Manager – Medical Devices

“I have been working with Stacey Gray Over the last 2 years and would not hesitate to recommend her. She is very professional and thoroughly knows her business. From a very happy customer.

Brent Melvin 

Fitness and Logistics Director

“My husband and I have been clients of Stacey’s for several years now. Stacey is patient, understanding and most of all she guides us as to what we need and is never pushy in any way. We appreciate the relationship we have and can highly recommend her to anyone.”

Kayode Odeleye 

Director, Finance

“I’ve had a positive experience with Stacey and deVere Acuma over the past 3.5 years. The investment products on offer are as varied as they are useful. Stacey is particularly proactive with market intelligence, investment options and information. There are several other positive experiences but just one more worth mentioning is the initial financial analysis as well as regular follow ups.”

Stuart Murray

F&B Operations Director

“I know this might sound like a cliché, but I can honestly say that since Stacey has been advisor, I have nothing but good things to say about deVere! Prior to Stacey taking over, I was disenchanted and quite honestly thought my hard-earned cash had been taken by a sales pitch! Since Stacey took over my portfolio 5 years ago, I now get regular updates, feel like I know exactly what is going on with my investments and actually feel like my long term aspirations and goals are being met by someone that knows what they are talking about!! Hand on heart I would have no hesitation in recommending Stacey at deVere!”

Roy Frankland 

Innovation Manager

“I’ve been with deVere for many years in several countries, China, Germany and Dubai and had mixed results with my deVere advisors until I met Stacey in Dubai. She knew exactly what was needed to make my finances grow in a healthy way. She was friendly, helpful and above all super-efficient and knowledgeable on the markets. My funds have grown very well under her capable guidance, so much so, that even when I unfortunately had to leave Dubai, I will still keep my finances in her hands. She’s by far the best advisor I’ve worked with at deVere or anywhere else and can highly recommend her.”

Maarten DeWit 

Expo 2020 Innovation Director

“We have been a client of deVere group for a long time and unfortunately has a somewhat disappointing and rocky first few years. We were not achieving what we set out to and deVere kept changing our advisor so no-one had a clue. This changed with Stacey Grey. When we started working with Stacey, she knew it would be a bit of an uphill battle but with her guidance we have managed to completely rethink our portfolio and we have been really happy with the results. Over the last few years she gained our trust with her recommendations. She is professional and proactive, and our portfolio is now back on track. We hope she stays around for a long time.”

Jeremy Green 

COO – Investments

Stacey at deVere Acuma is just extraordinary. It may seem odd that I am writing this review when I recently withdrew all funds from deVere Acuma. I had my own reasons, and some revolve around a general disdain for the pension industry, but the point is that Stacey was amazing. Bear in mind I was taking business away not investing more - not an easy thing to do in a world of slick financial advisors. Stacey battled tirelessly on my behalf for nearly a year. Yes, that is how long the useless administrators of my pension took to execute simple instructions, but Stacey never gave up. I can honestly say I would always recommend friends speak to Stacey and have already done so. If expat investing is for you, deVere Acuma are excellent and Stacey is the best there is.”

Nicola McDonough 

Global Onboarding Manager

“I really enjoy working with Stacey, she is honest and completely transparent and more importantly for me she takes the hassle factor away from my finance mgt. She is always very organized and over delivers on my expectations, she is not pushy and respects the busy lifestyle I have which is why her advice and guidance is so much appreciated. The biggest factor is the advice I get is always on point, since moving to Stacey my ROI has increased significantly. I would recommend her highly.”

John Thomson 

Oil and Gas Managing Director

“Good professional advice from Stacey in the Dubai deVere team. I’ve tried a few different advisers in the past that left me wondering about their competence, but no such issues with Stacey. She is completely switched on and knows how to pick winners.”

Murtaza Vardhawala 


“Stacey has been a great advisor. She is prompt in her communication and always has very good recommendations suited for my investment needs.”

Marta Madoro 

Finance Director

“I have been dealing with Stacey Gray from deVere Acuma and she immediately understood my needs and informed me about the benefits and advantages of the policy I was looking for. Strongly recommended because she is passionate of her job.”

Janice Wilson 

Projects Manager

“I am a client of Stacey Gray. I have known Stacey for a number of years and have a very good relationship with her. We meet regularly to discuss my accounts and she recommends new investments when requested. Stacey communicates regularly and is always keen to demonstrate new ideas to make my money work best for me.

Aylwin Gounder 

Senior Marketing Director

“I have had experience with several Wealth Managers over the past 5 years and I can confidently say the Stacey has been the best to date. Stacey has the ability to break down complex information and share it in a way that I could not only understand but explain to other peers. This was a large reason why I had such a trusting relationship with her. Her professionalism is of the highest standards, committing to timelines, frequent communication and a regular “check in” to see if there was anything additional, I required. The most significant thing that I am sincerely appreciative of is how she set me up to achieve my short-term investment goals. She personally managed and oversaw my recent purchase of a new apartment in London - this was over and above the scope of her role. I would strongly recommend Stacey to any one of my close friend and professional network.”

Helen Molloy 

Education Management

“I’ve been a client with deVere Acuma for a number of years now and feel very lucky that Stacey takes care of me and my account. She is highly skilled and has an up-to-date knowledge of the markets and the financial world. She is consistent and always comes to meetings well[1]planned. Best of all she genuinely cares for her clients. A real diamond.”

Lucy Queenborough 

Brand Consultant

“Stacey and I have been working together for the last 5 years, and under her guidance my portfolio has been going from strength to strength. When we started, I was a skeptic with no confidence in the investment market. But she took the time to carefully explain the detail and provide all the information I needed. She has never mis-sold or pushed me into a product that I didn’t feel comfortable with; and for me that’s invaluable. I need someone I can trust. The thing that makes her stand out from others, is that above the technical detail, she treats her clients as individuals. She really understands my issues and concerns, and for that reason I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Imad Melhem

Medical Sales

“I have been a client of Stacey for almost three years, she has been professional and clear with her advice. I would recommend her service to everyone. She has handled several requests in professional timely manner.

Soraya Abdelmageed 

F&B – Change Management

“I have been with deVere for a number or years and had to change my advisor to Stacey Gray in the past few years. My experience with her has been fantastic. She dedicates time, explains things to me in a very tangible way and understands my requirements to be able to give me the best advice possible. I really value Stacey as my advisor and would strongly recommend her as an expert in providing strong financial advice.”