Svetlana Deshais

Senior Wealth Advisor/ Also popularly known as the “Money Doctor”

Svetlana Deshais stands out from the crowd. Not only is she a woman in a fairly male dominated industry, but as one of the leaders in the UAE who is fighting to make managing finances, less of a fight. She’s making her name for herself as one of the most relatable and trustworthy advisors in the market through a strong referral network, plus the work she does in the community.

She prides herself on making finance management simple to understand, and accessible to everyone. She works together with clients who are truly committed to make the best out of their financial situation, to make individualised plans to get them on the path to success.

Her approach is simple; she knows that in order to create a profitable and sustainable change, it’s important to balance investing for the future with enjoying the now. With over 6 years of experience behind her, she skilfully guides clients through the process with transparency, so that their own confidence builds and they develop their skills as an investor.

Svetlana is passionate about creating healthy financial habits, and is growing a thriving community, free to the public, that fosters knowledge sharing and money saving tips. She runs community Facebook group (3.6k members) Save With The UAE Money Doctor, visit group to learn more!

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Some of my client's reviews:

Julie Lewis

Working with organizations to create resilient, healthy teams who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace. Professional Speaker, Re-Igniting Resilience, Wellness, Virtual & in person Programs,

September 3, 2020, Julie was a client of Svetlana’s

I recently met Svetlana through various business networks and this week had a one to one session with her to explore the best way forward re financial planning. I highly recommend you tap into Svets'. no-nonsense approach to " say it like it is " and offer practical smart ways and options to create a solid game-plan. Invest an hour or so of your time with her when you need a guide with your best interests at heart. On another note, Svetlana gave a fabulous virtual presentation on how best to create, manage and save MONEY for the Power of Three group so I highly recommend her for those of you looking to bring in a specialist to talk to your teams / groups.  

Alex Kamerer

Senior Application Engineer at First Solar

December 2, 2019, Alex was a client of Svetlana’s

Working with Svetlana Deshais is an absolute pleasure, she is very organized and responsive. She keeps me informed and always follows up with all stakeholders. Really glad to have her looking after my investments. I can recommend Svetlana to anyone who requires financial advice.

Alessandro Oppici

Head of Planning and Projects at Nawah Energy Company

December 2, 2019, Svetlana was a client of Alessandro’s

It is great to be assisted by a financial advisor like Svetlana. She is so energetic, passionate and committed to her work. Combining the personal skills with her broad knowledge of the markets gives you an absolute trust for final success !!

Maria Kalimeri

Administration Manager at Fujairah Marine Services & Trading LLC

November 28, 2019, Maria was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana has been our family financial advisor for the last couple of years. Her involvement with our profiles has been a game changer for us. Her experience and market knowledge has led our investments to profitable directions. She is absolutely committed to her work, tireless, resourceful and reliable. She is absolutely professional, yet without loosing her sweet character. We have never met her in person yet we have developed a lovely relationship. We consider her our ally in the financial field we are engaging and we can not emphasize enough when saying that having our portfolios in her hands, gives us great sense of security.  

Travis Schliebs

Aircraft Mechanical Engineer at Global Aerospace Logistics (GAL)

November 7, 2019, Travis was a client of Svetlana’s

I highly recommend Svetlana Deshais as ive had dealings with her for sometime now. Her professional attitude and resourcefulness has helped me greatly in achieving a stronger and more transparent investment portfolio. Her passion for her job and helping others achieve shows strongly!. I only wish i could have worked with her many years ago.

Srinivas Mamillapalli, P.Eng.

Senior Technical Engineer at Ontario Power Generation

November 2, 2019, Srinivas was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana Deshais is my financial adviser. She is very knowledgeable and she recommended me right financial instruments based on my investment objective. I will highly recommend her for making right investment decisions.

Hossam Hammad

Leading the digital transformation of human capital development

November 1, 2019, Hossam was a client of Svetlana’s

Svet is a true professional and a capable advisor. She is always looking for clients best interest and her advice is driven by experience and care. Svet is always willing to go above and beyond and she was of great help to us in making some sound investment decisions that is constantly paying dividends. Her attention to details and personalized service makes one confident of being in good hands.  

Isata Conteh

Global Markets Chief Control Office ( Non-Financial Risk Management)

October 30, 2019, Isata was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana is professional , knowledgeable and always sincere and reliable. She goes over and above to deliver a great service.

Ulas Sadak

Area Manager deVere Acuma

October 28, 2019, Ulas managed Svetlana directly

I am very happy to have Svetlana as part of my team. She shares many of my personal beliefs with a strong emphasis on providing our clients with what they need and making sure there are clear benefits available to those she helps. Svetlana is very passionate about her duties and really does put everything into all of her tasks and projects, I see her as an asset and I am proud to have her with us. I am very comfortable recommending Svetlana.  

Corrado Marotta, MBA

Air Operations Expert at EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency

October 28, 2019, Corrado was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana is an incredibly customer focused, very well prepared and empathic finance advisor professional. I’ve been her client for almost three years now and she never met my expectations...she always exceeded, indeed !

Tomasz Okulicz

Founder and CEO at Okulicz Renewable Energy

April 26, 2019, Tomasz was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana is dedicated towards delivering her expertise in the financial world, has excellent communication skills, a lot of knowledge about financial markets, asset & portfolio investments considering balanced diversified investment approach in blue chips and emerging markets across a wide range of industry and business sectors. She knows a lot about the market cycles correction, financial analysis of international economics and her opinion can be trusted. Svetlana has an outstanding knowledge about the habits and traits of the millennial generation, she is very knowledgeable about the direction of the financial world and has a very flexible approach to different age groups with the natural sales ability to match their requirements with the products offered. After reading her article on Gulf News I was very positively surprised about her expertise of what the future holds for the millennial generation and I would agree in more than 200% that millennials are very interested in the world of blockchain despite being slightly unsure of this new system.

Mohamed M. Elsayad

Dont aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference!

September 5, 2018, Mohamed was a client of Svetlana’s

I had the pleasure to work with Svetlana recently when i was transferring some money from Dubai To Prague .She's very friendly, professional, respectful to others, and an outstanding performer in what she does.She has a strong personality, good analytical skills and she's always ready to go the extra mile to help her customers . She has really helped me to get a great deal and to transfer my money at almost no cost , all in time and 100% as promised with no hidden surprises . I have really enjoyed working with Svetlana and would definitely repeat it again and recommend her to all my contacts .


Regional Manager Middle East and the Caspian. WWT International Ltd

May 1, 2018, FREDERIC was a client of Svetlana’s

The minute we met with Svetlana we knew we were in good hands, and she has kept her promises since. She has the answers to your questions, and when se does not, she will go the extra mile to provide it at the soonest. Svetlana clearly enjoys what she does and most importantly, is customer driven. Not your typical UAE financial advisor, she can be trusted and will do everything she can to help you out.  

Christian Leonardo

Aircraft Maintenance Program at Etihad Airways

September 29, 2017, Christian was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana is a very professional advisor and knows very well her company's services. With her strong customer centered approach she is excellent in delivering a service that is personalized to the customer's expectations and resources.

Michael Giele

Program Specialist at

January 7, 2015, Michael managed Svetlana directly

Svetlana is one of the hardest working people I know. Not just at work, but also privately. She has a warm hearth to her business as for her family. She's no pussy-cat to be handled with bare hands; she will achieve what she sets herself as a goal. I've witnessed on numerous occasions getting e-mails from work after 10 at night. I would work with Svetlana again, in a heartbeat. Her skills are: Hard Working, Charming, Gets what she wants.  

Mark Davis

Contracts & Compliance Manager at Monarch Recruitment

December 4, 2013, Mark was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetia has excellent knowledge of her company's services, and her personable manner and strong customer service ethic make it a pleasure to work with her.

Lee Ghaus

Global Sales Director at Gazelle Global

December 5, 2012, Lee was a client of Svetlana’s

I have had the pleasure of working with Svetia more than on one occasion. The reason I always have is Svetia manages my expectations and delivers time and time again. I have no hesitation in recommending Svetia at all.

Sandhna Chintoe

Managing Director International at Cammio | Video Recruitment Experts

December 4, 2012, Svetlana was senior to Sandhna but didn’t manage directly

Svetia is an Accountmanager in every sense of the word. She goes into lenghts to keep her clients satisfied, if that means finding candidates on the train or replying to their emails in the middle of the night she will do it. Svetia is persistant, knows her market and drives the team when it comes to innovative ideas. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!

EJ Flynn

Commercial Director | Growth Advisor | Chair | Mum

November 30, 2012, EJ managed Svetlana directly

Svetia is one of the most naturally talented sales people I have had the pleasure of working with in my career at ITJB. Her account management style is built around partnering with the client and offers a very consultative approach. She listens to the clients situation and finds appropriate solutions to help with their challenges. She is also a very influential member of our team, bringing energy, fun but also challenge to other team members when she feels they can be pushed to achieve higher. She would be a true asset to any team.

Caroline Huet

CEO at Connect People and Atelier Informatique

November 27, 2012, Caroline worked with Svetlana but at different companies

Svetlana is a very professional account manager who do care about her clients and constantly give feedback in order to ameliorate the business. I can say that it was a pleasure to work with Svetlana and I am sure the collaboration will carry on in the next years.

Nadine G.

Recrutement | Intérim |Traitement de la Paie | Gestion du Personnel | Conseils RH

November 26, 2012, Svetlana worked with Nadine in the same group

Svet is a key member of our team ! Passionate, dedicate, strong client Account Management and excellent team player always available to help and make the team successful. No wonder for me she should be our Values Champion of the year accross the entire business !

Matthijs Jansen

Adviseur WSP voor zakelijke dienstverlening

November 26, 2012, Matthijs was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana is a result-driven accountmanager with a can-do mentality and very charming, professional yet with a personal touch. She has definately influenced my choice to go for IT Jobboard in a very competative market

Jonathan Sharkey

Meticulous CISSP Associate. Proficient in driving complex technology programmes aimed at increasing compliance with policies and regulations to manage corporate and cyber security risk.

November 26, 2012, Svetlana was a client of Jonathan’s

Svetia has provided me with guidance and support on numerous occasions, particularly when I was starting out in my current role. She has always been polite and helpful and is a pleasure to talk to. I thoroughly recommend her services.

Peter Healey

CEO at eFinancialCareers

November 26, 2012, Peter was senior to Svetlana but didn’t manage directly

Svet is just about the most passionate Account Manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She really cares about the job she does for her clients and is always willing to help team mates by sharing her knowledge.

Alexis Donné

Regional Sales Manager at Ovarro - RTU, Data Logger, SCADA, , Remote Monitoring & Control, Water Leakage Detection

October 27, 2010, Alexis was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana has offered us to try the IT Job Board for free for several months. During that trial period and also thereafter she has ensured a close follow-up and answered all queries both in a timely and professional way. She has proven to be proactive, convincing and very supportive at all times. The IT Job Board has also allowed us to make a successful placement on a very specific and difficult requirement. Svetlana nice customer facing skills combined with the quality delivered by the IT Job Board makes a winning duo... As a conclusion if you are looking for a jobboard, she is certainly a top partner to consider.

Chris O'Brien

Managing Director at Blacksquare

August 23, 2010, Chris was a client of Svetlana’s

Confero engaged IT Job Board to assist with a Senior niche search for one of our Global Banking clients. As an APAC business Confero does not have physical presence in Europe so we relied on IT Job Board to take us to the local Talent in Amsterdam. IT Job Board partnered our recruitment efforts in ensuring the advert was appropriately tailored to ensure greatest response. The consultation the team provided was fantastic and the results took almost immediate effect. I have to say after 10+ years experience in the Recruitment Industry the knowledge, service and attention provided by IT Job Board was so much better than its competition. The trial period gave us access to local Talent which we simply would not have been able to tap into. Refreshingly, the volume of the response was not overwhelming, it was consistent and of high quality. We were able to present a short-list of 3 candidates to our client and fill the role, all within 3 weeks. A great result for us and a testament to IT Job Board. Our client is projecting further hiring in EMEA over the final quarter this year and needless to say we will be wanting to partner with IT Job Board once more. Svetlana, thanks for your insight into the Amsterdam market and attentive service. Look forward to working with you again very soon.

Lee Halls

Sales Director at GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services

August 12, 2010, Lee was a client of Svetlana’s

Svetlana is dedicated, hardworking with a hunger & desire to succeed. Sets very high standards from herself and expects this in return from others. Very professional, determind, always looking to improve with a can and will do attitude. Would be welcomed back.